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Savings Scheme

AkshyaNidhi, the savings scheme program by Alapatt Heritage, allows you to buy gold and diamond jewellery from our store on a monthly instalment basis. By investing an amount of Rs.500 or its multiples either for a 15 month period or a 24 month period, the instalment process is arranged.

Customers who participate in our AkshyaNidhi savings program will be able to purchase gold and diamond jewellery from our store at the end of the instalment period and will be able to enjoy a bonus amount that will be added to the total invested amount from our side.

Instalments Investment Amount Payable Amount Bonus Investment Amount with Bonus
15 Rs. 500 (15x500) Rs. 500 Rs. 8000
  Rs. 1000 (15x1000) Rs. 1000 Rs. 16000
24 Rs. 500 (24x500) Rs. 1250 Rs. 13250
  Rs.1000 (24x1000) Rs. 2500 Rs. 26500

To join the scheme, customers have to come to Alapatt Heritage store at M.G. Road, North End in Ernakulam along with two passport size photos, an ID proof and the first instalment amount on any working day.

*Alapatt Heritage has no Agents or Representatives to collect instalments