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General FAQs

Are your ornaments hallmarked?

All our ornaments are hallmarked and has the 91.6 BIS Hallmark

Are your ornaments made in your own workshops?

We have our in-house design house and workshop that caters to local tastes and domestic designs. We also source from several vendors across the country as well as from reputed international vendors to ensure variety of collections.

Can you create customized designs for us?

We are known for making the best custom designs in Kerala. We have our in-house design team who work with several designers across India. We even cater to customers outside Kerala through our online custom design department. Because of our highly competitive pricing customers from various parts of India and even the middle-east prefer ordering through our website.

What is the difference between 916 Hallmarked jewellery in your showroom as compared to others?

If it is a 916 Hallmarked ornament there is absolutely no difference. But by simply inscribing 916 doesn’t mean the jewellery is of 91.6 purity.

Will there be a difference in weight and price when we have to exchange your ornaments?

When you exchange our gold, since it carries the 916 hallmark there won’t be any difference in weight or price.

Can your ornaments be sold back to you?

Yes, you can convert your ornaments into cash, anytime you want.

Where all do you have your showrooms?

We currently operate 3 showrooms across Kerala. Our flagship showroom is on MG Road in Kochi. Our other showrooms are in Kozhikode and Kothamangalam.

Do you provide repair/servicing for ornaments bought from your store?

Yes, you will have lifetime service.

Does you ornament contain Ruthenium?

No. Any ornament that contains Ruthenium shouldn’t be purchased from any jeweler since it’s a chemical which is highly injurious to human body.

When we bring our old ornaments how is its purity assessed?

We analyze purity with the help of Purity Analyzer Machine and fix the right price for it.

What are the statutes of Hallmark stamp?

  • Bureau of India Standard Mark
  • Gold Purity Mark
  • Hall Marking Center Mark
  • Brand Code
  • Year Code

Diamond FAQs

Can everybody use diamond?

Yes, diamonds can be used by anyone.

Is there any hazard/omen associated with using diamond?

No. In case if you use a diamond with a black spot, it could be ominous. Our diamonds are certified by Indian Gemological Institute (IGI), which ensures that our diamonds are of the best quality with absolutely no black spots.

How is diamond’s quality assessed?

A diamonds quality is assessed by understanding its Color and Clarity. In all our showrooms we only keep ‘VVS’ Clarity ‘EF’ Color diamonds, which is of the highest quality.

How is the buy back guarantee of diamonds?

For our diamonds we extend full buy back guarantee.

Do diamonds have guarantee cards?

Yes, with every diamond ornament purchased from any of our stores we issue an IGI certificate card and Alapatt Heritage guarantee card.

Are diamond ornaments made of 18 carat gold?

We use both 18 and 22 Carat (916) for our diamond jewellery.

Can I purchase your jewellery online?

We don’t have an online store but we do have an option to book/order what you want through our online custom design department. We have the facility to receive orders from anywhere in India and also to deliver it to your doorstep.